LIBER NULL PETER J. CARROLL With Illustrations by Andrew David To all who helped keep Liber Null in print and produced a limited edition of Psychonaut . Peter James Carroll is a modern occultist, author, cofounder of the Illuminates of Thanateros, Carroll’s book Liber Null & Psychonaut is considered one of the defining works of the chaos magic movement. Carroll was a co-founder of the . We push the limits of our body and mind, sometimes breaking those limits to test our strength and willpower. We do not wade into the waters of.

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It is dualistic matter but of a very tenuous, probabilistic nature. Example Invocation of the War God Liver initiate stands in a pentagonal chamber lit by five red lamps. It’s an interesting book with some excellent ideas but very little practical application for the practitioner who also wants to have a life outside the occult. Some people know way too much about everything.

And btw, it is only magic if you don’t understand it. Each game is short, and then the pieces are hurled through death into unrecognizable new configurations. I’m not quite sure how to go about writing a review for it, so I’ll start by saying, that many magicians who turn to writing, have a very arrogant manner of introducing the Keeping a healthy, unbiased viewpoint allows you to grow intellectually and spiritually unhindered by black and white “morals” and basically eliminates the abhorrence of things that don’t fit into our schema.

The mind should eventually become totally absorbed in its environment and thinking will cease. However useful such things may be to him in the short term, the sorcerer must eventually recant. Liber Null and the Psychonaut: I might agree with Carroll’s actually Hassan-I-Sabbah’s postulate that “nothing is true, everything is permitted”, but that does lbier make me doomed to be a “nihilist” or a “vitalist”.


The magician should observe the current of his luck in small, inconsequential matters, find the conditions for its success, and try to extend his luck in various small ways. A well-constructed banishing ritual has the following effects.

Any form of magical trance can be adapted for divination by first directing an intense concentration toward the desired matter of divination or some sigilized form of it and then allowing impression to arise into the Vacuous state of consciousness.

Peter J. Carroll – Wikipedia

An analysis of some of the more common methods follows. No page should be left blank. Oct 24, Joshua rated it it was amazing. Hence there is no reason to do anything, or for that matter, to restrain from doing anything. The reification, or making real, of a desire is possible through the autoerotic mode of the quadriga sexuahs. It also protects the magician from nul, hostile occult influences which may assail him.

The wealth of information in these books is also very impressive, and I would recommend these books to anyone who was interested in a heartbeat. Without it no knowledge can be gained. Indeed, this is psychonaur problem with most beginning books on magic; only very rare individuals can apply something directly from a book without interaction with others of varying levels of experience.

Liber Null and Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic

I’m not anti the subject matter, or specifically the book as a whole. Certain forms of gnosis lend themselves more readily to some forms of magic than others. I am thee Horus! This book, along with Liber Kaos, challenged my perspectives and dropped me off where I started.


Whether or not you ultimately buy the philosophic arguments Carroll puts down for magick or not, the real point of the book is to help you gain an occult perspective on the world, whi This is an excellent book if you’re into the ideas of radical personal development or the occult.

Ordinary dreams are an ingenius jumble of half-forgotten events, hopes and worries. Unaware of this, many slip into the unsatisfactory greyness of small fears and anc desires confused.

Technically, it is probably the most popular programming language. This shall be my Kabbala. But as I keep reading I get more and more frustrated. The magician is attempting a progressive metamorphosis, a complete overhaul of his entire existence.

Liber Null & Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic – Peter J. Carroll – Google Books

Conversely, it is even more difficult to perform in front of many persons, all of whom are upholding the ordinary course of events. Students strengthen thefr magical will against the strongest possible adversary — thefr own minds. Libfr phenomena are characteristic of sensory deprivation.

First rule that should be at the very top of the book: It is a mistake to consider any belief more liberated than another.

You will eventually have to witness the loss or putrefaction of every loved thing.