The Konbaung Dynasty, , sometimes called the Alaungpaya Dynasty or the House of Alompra by the British colonial rulers) was the. The Konbaung Dynasty was the last dynasty that ruled Burma (Myanmar), from to The dynasty created the second largest empire in Burmese history, . Alaungpaya (reigned –) unified Myanmar and founded the Konbaung Dynasty, sometimes referred to as the Third Burmese dynasty, which held power .

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But it was not to be.

One of his queens, Hsinbyumashin, dominated his last days of King Mindon. During his reign, relations with the British became increasingly strained. Credits New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards.

Such sacrifices took place at the foundation of Wunbe In Palace in Ava in and may have taken place at the foundation of Mandalay in The bell measures eleven cubits and four thits fingers in diameter at its mouth; 33 cubits. Founded in by King Mindon, one of Myanmar’s greatest rulers, it is considered the spiritual center of Myanmar, and has so many religious shrines it has been described as a “forest of temples” only Pagan has more.

Date December — 22 December Three of the ten farther Shan state sawbwas Mogaung, Bhamo, Hsenwi and their militias reportedly ran away into Yunnan and tried to persuade Qing officials to invade Burma.


He then hanged himself on a tree. Knowing that the king was angry, the Burmese armies were afraid to return to the capital.

Mindon promoted numerous reforms. This crenellated wall rose to 25 feet and was backed by an earthen rampart. Shwebo — Sagaing — Ava —, — Amarapura —, — Djnasty — Endless rebellions shook it; massive deportations impoverished it; down in the Delta the fertile rice land of the Mons lay depopulated.

The Qing kept a heavy military lineup in the border areas for about one decade in an attempt to wage another war while imposing a ban on inter-border trade for two decades.

For the first time in history, the Burmese language and culture came to predominate the entire Irrawaddy valley, with the Mon language and ethnicity completely eclipsed by He was killed by his own troops, and the local Mon population and the Gwe Shans – a people considered by some scholars to have been Karens — made Smim Htaw Buddhaketi, a Buddhist monk and a Gwe Shan, their king. All the palace buildings were erected on this platform that stood six feet tall and could be accessed by several stairways.


The Burmese commander in the field Balamindin was ordered to give up Bhamo, and instead stay at the Burmese stockade at Kaungtona few miles south of Bhamo on the Irrawaddy. The Chinese burned their boats and melted down their cannon.

King Bagyidaw subsequently appointed him dynwsty of Assam and minister at the court of Ava.

Thibaw was a younger son of King Mindon and studied in a Buddhist monastery Ina Burmese army, which was on its way to Siam, was increasing its grip of the borderlands, and the sawbwas complained to China. Outline Index Category Portal.


Many believed that only divine intervention could save Burma from being entirely conquered by Great Britain. The outlying tributary fiefdoms on the edges of the kingdom were autonomous in practice and nominally administered by the king.

The Qing attempts for tighter control of the border were initially met with fierce resistance by the local chiefs.

Konbaung Dynasty of Myanmar – Myanmar Tours

At the auspicious moment calculated by astrologers, the name of the infant was read out thrice by the royal herald. New York and London: Captives from various military campaigns in their hundreds and thousands were brought back to the kingdom and resettled as hereditary servants to royalty and nobility or dedicated to pagodas and temples; these captives added new knowledge and skills to Burmese society and enriched Burmese culture. During King Suddhodana ‘s royal ploughing of the fields, the infant Buddha rose to stand, sat cross-legged and began to meditate, underneath the shade of a rose apple tree.

This article contains Burmese script. The Alaungpaya dynasty, — reign of Bodawpaya In Bodawpaya. Finally, inThibaw issued a proclamation calling on all his countrymen to liberate Lower Burma from the British.