Kenton Knepper – Wonder Words 3 – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Kenton Knepper – Wonder Words 3. Kenton Knepper – Wonder Words() – hello, your order is download magic product, send via email please tell me your email address if you . “Kenton, I am interested, after reading a good number of your works and others of similar style (?); where/how did you start learning about.

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The classic reference for making cold readers in under 24 hours just got pushed to the next level! I certainly use Wonder Words in much of what I do.

Customers who bought this product also purchased Magically, Mark Success comes before work only in the dictionary. Another diabolical effect is a never before published telephone trick. This is the very same special material the Kenton has used to make a living doing c. Two cards are freely chosen. I agreee with alexhui. Whatever your reason for purchasing Wonder Words Volume Two, you’re bound to be blown away by the material it contains.

Mark Townsend is a student of Kenton’s who is well known for adding deeper dimensions and unusual presentations to all of his effects.

Another diabolical effect is a never before published telephone trick. The Real Way of Magic is to touch the soul of our audience, but not to touch the kentom of our soul. They require listening to more than once and really thinking about what is said. Or how about this: Take a look at our Return Policy. The spectator comes to realize that their intuition has been perfect, a.


Kenton Knepper – Wonder Words() PDF download [6ys1ew6nlbw9] – $ : 52magicdownloads

We simply cannot say enough about it, or what it will do for you. Be sure to focus your comments on the product. Jan 16, Over full size pages on the secret principle of Association and how Kenton and students use this long ignored and mysterious factor.

The prediction card becomes both selected cards! Perhaps you’d like to be able to point into the sky and cause a cloud, any cloud a spectator chooses, to vanish from the sky. Using keton right words can subtlety elevate one’s performance into a miracle, unforgettable moment.

Louis, MO 74 Posts. Can be used with any deck of playing cards.

The bag is opened and the. Please leave your email after payment. But that can go as “Why didn’t I think of that? Onepper be hesitant to recommend them because of the cost without knowing more about what kind of magician you are, your style, etc.

Much maybe even most will seem obvious.

It is rare for Kenton to do so, unless the effect and method deserves special acknowledgement and treatment. This is what Wonder Words will teach you. Reviews require prior approval before they will be displayed. Whether you are a close-up performer or a mentalist t. The performer has the “mind readers” exam. You need to steep yourself in it all to be able to get the essence out of it.

You will be able to prove immediately that you are a trained and certified expert in subliminal programming and telepathic inf.

Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy. We’re proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic.


Concerning Wonder Words, NLP and Psychology | Kenton Knepper

Here are some highlights: We highly suggest that you watch this DVD with a woeds of cards in hand. No one should buy Wonder Words for the tricks. I bought the first set and confess that I was disappointed. It’s not cold reading.

Kenton Knepper – Wonder Words(1-3) PDF download

This series of audios 12 CDs worth of audio demonstrate that. Perhaps even more telling was the response at Docc Hilfords’ Weerd Weekend.

However if you enjoy ‘double reality’ the audience and the participant have different perception of what happens during the performance tricks, you’ll be in heaven. Did we mention the ability to look at a spectator and KNOW if they would “play along” or be overly skeptical?

A better intro is ‘Miracles of Suggestion’ which explains one facet of Wonder Words and is quite palatable for the beginner. Nando The opposite wods bravery is not cowardice, but conformity. Anyone can give a honest review? Kenton has performed this on television and at a premiere screening for the movie The Illusionist. Or how about this: Instantly it is shown to be the only blue card in the red deck.

The performer splits this prediction card in two.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could determine how a spectator felt about money, people, their play time, their work time, etc.