Arbeitsschutz Einheitliche Ansprechpartner Getränkeschankanlagen PDF 1 MB Hamburgisches Wegegesetz Jugendschutzgesetz Zeitweise Wasserverteilung. Welcome to the Service section! The Service section provides extensive information on approval processes, security, sustainability, transport and advertising. Straßen und Wege () · 89 Wegegesetz und Verordnung über die Aufbringung von Straßenbaukosten () · Wasserläufe ().

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Auskunftsersuchen nach dem Transparenzgesetz Transparenzgesetz hpa. The altonale cultural festival shows how this is done and has also teamed up with the Office for the Environment and Energy haburger develop an information portal on this subject.

Analyse der Sedimente Strandhafen Sommer The approvals required may differ depending on space. Planning through the use of development plans according to the Town and Country Planning Code does not occur in the port of Hamburg. In particular the Hamburg Port Authority, is responsible for administering exceptions to the ordinance on warfare agents.

Public transport access, for example, is environmentally friendly and can transport many visitors to the site at one time. The development projects in the port of Hamburg form the focus here.

The port planning law is used to ensure that areas which can be used for port purposes hambutger used for these purposes so that the scarce land resource is used efficiently. Aktuelle Verkehrslage Hamburg Card inkl. Platz der Republik 1. Wegegeseta Port Development Plan to Analyse der Sedimente Norderelbe Sommer Analyse der Sedimente Vorhafen Sommer Removal of illegally parked, unregistered vehicles Unregistered vehicles may not park on public roads.


One of our diverse areas of responsibility is also the granting of permits for the use of public roads and routes in the port area.

Analyse der Sedimente aus der Norderelbe, Sommer Abschlussbericht zum Vorhaben Landstromanlagen im Hamburger Hafen. Welcome to the Service section!

Approval processes – Service – Hamburg Convention Bureau

The Building Control Authority of the Hamburg Port Authority, rather the Development Projects Division, is responsible for the processing of building permit application throughout the port’s wwegegesetz of activity.

Constructing and altering access roads also requires the approval of the Authority in charge of building and maintaining public roads, lanes wegegeset pathways. Go to the contact center. Given the large number of daily events, your event will need special advertising in order to stand out. General rules can be viewed here. Do you want to erect a building or change a building’s use within the dedicated port area?

Schilder exklusiv signs #1 | Flickr

Deich- und polderrechtliche Genehmigung. Information If any of these topics are relevant to your planning, then please contact us early on in the process.

As the Local Nature Conservation Authority in the dedicated port area, the HPA administers numerous regulatory tasks in respect of nature and landscape conservation. Amongst these are new building projects started for logistics centres and warehouses, office and social buildings as well as workshops and paved areas and even oil terminals.

Special use Any use of public land that extends beyond public use requires approval. Please also note that this information is only available in German, due to the fact that they are official documents which can only be provided and edited in German, and due to content on external sites which have no English translation. The Hamburg Port Authority administers exceptions to the ordinance on warfare agents.


Contact for inspection of files You can arrange an appointment to view the building permit files here Phone: General Terms and Conditions. Associated with this are numerous structural engineering projects within the port that are carried out every year. Sedimentmanagement – Landbehandlung Aus Baggergut Rohstoff gewinnen. It is responsible for control and monitoring tasks that arise from the implementation of national and international legal regulations.

If you have any questions about soil conservation, please contact: Potential risks must be made known to visitors and the surrounding area through preventive and defence measures in order to be able to plan and respond early on.

Please choose a document. Once a space for an event has been found, various approvals must be obtained from the respective authorities.

Approval processes

The question of whether a development or a new use adheres to these rules is automatically checked as part of each building application. Any use of public land that extends beyond public use requires approval. Sedimentmanagement – Verwertung Baggergut als Baustoff nutzen.