I’ve just set up GoodReader on my iPad2, and the PDF and TextEdit files that I set up with. GoodReader are all encrypted. How do I read them?. I password protected my folder on iPad Goodreader, but I still can access the We have just bought iPad GoodReader and encrypted the files. GoodReader, the document reader which achieved the rank of #2 best-selling iPad app in , now leverages the iOS’s ability to encrypt.

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GoodReader is a very complex application.

It incorporates a lot of non-obvious features and solutions. We strongly encourage you to read this manual, otherwise it will be hard for you to enjoy the full power of GoodReader.

Here you will find a brief description of GoodReader’s goodeeader with links to more detailed manuals. There are two types of viewing engines – the ones that we’ve written ourselves, and ebcrypted built-in device’s standard viewing engine. Our own engines provide great flexibility and many additional features not found in the built-in engine for example, opening very large files.

The encfypted engine, the same as found in Safari and Mail apps, is very powerful and knows many file formats, but has many limitations and no additional features. Files inside this folder will not be backed up to iTunes or iCloud.

Use this folder for files that can be easily redownloaded.

GoodReader for iPad Adds AirPlay for Video, Encryption, Better PDF Annotations – MacStories

By putting such files into this folder, you will keep your backup size and time reasonable, plus you will save your wireless traffic, if you’re doing wireless backups. However, if a file is of a considerable value to you, and you’d like it to be backed up either to iTunes or to iCloud, move this file out of this folder.

Otherwise this file will be lost in case if you ever need encryptwd restore your device form a backup. Please note that sometimes during major iOS upgrades your device will be restored automatically, as a part of iOS upgrading process.

In this case all files inside the Downloads folder will also be lost. So choose location for your files wisely, using Downloads folder only for those files that can be easily restored or redownloaded. Please note that if you’re using iOS version prior to 5.

GoodReader can automatically sync individual files and entire folders to their remote versions hosted on online servers of the following types: Please see our manual on this.

There is a powerful set of features accessible by opening the Manage Files control panel in file list view. You can send files to other apps that support Apple’s Document Interchange. You can compress multiple files and folders encryptex. You can also send files via e-mail from GoodReader.

Password Protect Files and Folders In GoodReader

You can also create a special URL link for integration with other apps. You can combine all these methods for extra security, if you don’t mind entering three or four different passwords just to open a single file. You can use Touch ID in combination with application passwords to unlock GoodReader and its individual files and folders with a fingerprint. This feature needs to be explicitly enabled in app settings. You can force GoodReader to ask you for passwords every time the app is activated or launched.


Otherwise, passwords will be asked only if you deactivated the app less than 10 minutes ago. To change this preference, please use the Ask very often switch in app settings, Security section. Be careful not to forget your startup and protected files passwords, because no way of retrieving or resetting these passwords is provided.

However, if you have forgotten your passwords, the only way to reset them is to delete and reinstall the app, which will also erase all your files and settings. If you’re really concerned about security, you may also want to encrypt your iTunes Backup files.

GoodReader for iPad Adds AirPlay for Video, Encryption, Better PDF Annotations

This API encrypts files, to make sure that your data will be secure, even if your device gets lost or stolen. While this feature is designed to be as transparent and effortless as possible, there are some procedures that need to be performed to enforce data encryption. Also, some limitations apply, so please be sure to encrgpted the following section, if you want to use this feature.

Data Protection provides a fairly strong level of data security. If gkodreader use it properly, it will continue to protect your files even if an attacker jailbreaks your device and uses various goorreader techniques to access encrypted files.

You can also use Apple’s Remote Wipe feature to erase all data remotely from a lost or stolen device. Data Protection works in conjunction with the passcode that you use to unlock your device.

If you don’t lock your device with a passcode, your files will NOT be encrypted. However, locking a device with a passcode doesn’t automatically mean that your files will be encrypted.

The following conditions must also be met we have divided them into two categories – Apple’s prerequisites and GoodReader’s usage rules. Apple offers native video mirroring on their newer devices starting with iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

It’s when you simply plug the cable, and everything that you see glodreader a device goodrexder instantly mirrored to a video output, without any help from the app.

It also works much faster than a video output calculated by apps, because these new devices do it with a special hardware, and apps do not waste processor time to calculate separate images for encypted video out. If you’re using one of Apple’s newer devices, you can safely ignore this section. There is no need to press any button, native video mirroring “just works” by default. However, there are certain advantages in using application-provided video output, because it doesn’t show user interface menus, only actual file contents, which some people may find useful.

To toggle goodreadet native video mirroring and app-provided video out, use the Video Out button: To print a file, open it and use the Actions button: Handoff is a feature that allows to begin reading a file on one device, then continue reading it on another, exactly where you left off on the original goodrreader.

Handoff also requires Bluetooth activated on both devices. Start reading a file on one device. Keep the file open. Goodreafer another device, and, while encryptef is locked, you should see GoodReader icon at the lower left corner of the lock screen. Drag this icon upwards, and GoodReader app will be automatically launched and the same file will be opened, provided that the file with the same name actually exists on the second device. Usually your device uses the auto-lock feature after a certain period of inactivity screen dims and then turns off.


You can let GoodReader temporarily disable device auto-lock while reading it will be restored once you close a file.

This option is configured on the Application Settings page. Disabling auto-lock may discharge your battery faster. GoodReader also offers integration with other apps via mechanism of custom URL addresses. For example, it could be a to-do app or notebook app. Integration with other apps goodreaver be achieved by using the Link button on the Manage Files control panel.

GoodReader heavily relies on iOS capabilities. Here are some limitations that we know of:.

GoodReader was dramatically improved since its earlier versions. The only thing that made it possible is user feedback. Our customers sent us a lot of problematic files, we studied those files, came to certain conclusions, and finally we were able to write a better code. We can’t improve our application if you don’t talk to us. We might actually solve the problem if you tell us about it!

So we encourage you to send us as much feedback or feature requests as possible.

Help us help you! For some reason, subscribing has failed. Please try again later. Files of very big size our own viewing engine: File size is not the limit. See Viewing Pictures for details. And as a free bonus – files of normal size iOS standard viewing engine: Works both ways – GoodReader can open files stored in other apps, and other goodteader can open files stored enceypted GoodReader.

Apple’s Document Interchange works only with apps that explicitly support this feature. You can also sync files and folders. Accessing Dropbox via its proprietary protocol for both foodreader and uploading files. Accessing OneDrive via its proprietary protocol for both downloading and uploading files. Accessing Google Drive via its proprietary protocol for both downloading and uploading files. Accessing SugarSync via its proprietary protocol for both downloading and uploading files.

Accessing SFTP servers encrypetd both downloading and uploading files. Importing of recorded videos. Automatic Synchronization GoodReader can automatically sync individual files and entire folders to their remote versions hosted on online servers of the following types: Use ascending or descending sort order.

On iPads the Sort button is located at the top of the main screen, on iPhones it is accessible through the Manage Files control panel. Password protection There are several ways to protect goodrfader sensitive data: Open Application Settings page, Security Settings section for this see Buttons on the main screen section below on how to open Application Settings page. This feature uses iOS’s Data Protection API, which actually encrypts your files, keeping your data confidential, even if your device gets lost or stolen.

However, there are special procedures to encrupted, and also there are some limitations.

Please be absolutely sure to read the Data Protection manual if you want to actually encrypt your files. Apple’s side of protection: Since Data Protection relies on a special hardware to encrypt files, it doesn’t work on older iOS devices. It does work on the following ones: If you don’t use passcode lock, your files will not be encrypted.