The City of Edinburgh Council’s Files and documents available for download within following categories, Social care and health, Children and families, GIRFEC. The City of Edinburgh Council download – Supporting child planning documents | Social care and health | Children and families | GIRFEC. Aberdeenshire GIRFEC Guidance & Operational documentation The guidance document is followed by 4 appendices with additional.

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Constructions of family support: Published online Jun 6. Subsequently, all legislation affecting Scotland passed through the UK Parliament, although Scotland retained its own separate church, education, and judicial systems.

Although the GIRFEC model is considered universally appropriate, there are still a number of separate policies and services aimed at the needs of diverse groups, but how these fit into the overarching GIRFEC framework at national level is not yet fully clear. Getting It Right for Every Child: Open in a separate window. Children and Young People Scotland Act Yet the turn of events in Scotland has significance beyond its borders; given that Scotland documsnt trying to effect a whole system change, the Scottish experience can offer useful lessons for other jurisdictions considering similar transformational change.

In this article we first describe the Scottish social and political context, with reference to the devolved system in the United Kingdom, and the recent history of children’s policy in Scotland.


Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People; Law Society of Scotland. Reflections on Scottish experience.

GIRFEC Approach Toolkit – GIRFEC Aberdeenshire

Health for All Children 4. Arguably, the Named Person work is being done already; formalizing it has fueled docujent debate, which has led to conflicting interpretations of what the role will mean in practice.

Mooney G, Scott G, eds. Int’l J Child Rts. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Child protection social work in times of uncertainty: Office for National Statistics. Report of the Child Protection Audit and Review48 which highlighted the role of all universal service providers girefc child protection and the importance of information sharing and collaboration.

No disclosures were reported. There is a concern documennt the controversy around the Named Person has to some extent obscured what the Scottish government is trying to achieve and its reasons for doing so.

Supporting child planning documents

Where Are We Now? Joseph Rowntree Foundation; As a national transformational initiative, the GIRFEC approach represents the current and future direction of children’s policy in Scotland.

Assessing Children in Need and Their Families: Children and Young Persons: Law Society of Scotland; Jessica Kingsley Publishers; Yet there are some inherent tensions and uncertainties in the GIRFEC framework and associated legislation, which if not satisfactorily resolved, have the potential to limit the effectiveness of the policy, with negative implications and unintended consequences for agencies, professionals, and children and families.


Burgess C, Stone K. The individual practitioner assuming the role will change at different transition points in the child’s life, such as when girfex child starts school.

Subsequently, the publication of For Scotland’s Children: Daniel B, Wassell S. Health and Wellbeing Profile: A Named Person for every child and young person and a Lead Professional where necessary to coordinate and monitor multiagency activity. Statham J, Chase E. Social Justice and Social Policy in Scotland.

Document downloads – GIRFEC

Draft Statutory Guidance for Parts 4, 5 and 18 Section Scotland’s 32 local authority administrations are charged with implementation, and as such, there rocument some inconsistency in children’s services across different areas; this is not unexpected, given that the level of practice adjustment required necessitates time for GIRFEC to become embedded across all services.

Yet there is scope for interpretation within the legislation and associated guidance. Child Youth Serv Rev. Mooney G, Scott G.