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A NO score is earned if any individual speech is legally prohibited, regardless of topic. In general in recent year there has been a slight improvement in terms of security for journalists as there have been less attacks to journalists in Colombia Colombia is no longer the first hospitalariios in the number of journalists murdered in Latin America.


Other than pro-government groups, CSOs focused on promoting good governance or anti-corruption are effectively prohibited, either by official requirements or by unofficial means, such resiiduos intimidation or fear. Congressional elections are held every four years, both for the Senate and the Lower House, and should not overlap with presidential elections art.

He had reported death threats against him conducted by the groups known as Aguilas Negras demobilized paramilitaries.

According to the statistics of the Defensoria del Pueblo Ombudsman the right of petition is the fourth right most threatened by the State and from which they receive more complaints asking for protection of the right 1, in The law also states that the government through the Ministry of Communications should encourage practices of self regulation.

In recent years the security situation for journalists in Colombia has improved, and there were no reports of journalits being seriously wounded. If it seems likely that the person was imprisoned due to his or her work, then the indicator is scored as a NO. Reporteros sin Fronteras ayuda a una emisora comunitaria gay amenazada Fuente: The Registraduria Nacional del Estado Civil has a professional full time staff and an independent civil service regime.

Programas de Gestión del Riesgo

One prominent example of pressure against journalists is the accusation made by the government against independent journalist Hollman Morris as being friendly with terrorists because he was reporting when the FARC released several kidnapped people on February Retrieving records may require a visit to a specific office, such as a regional or national capital.

Finally a norm approved in the reform allows politicians to change parties freely thus contributing to the weakening of party structures that were supposed to be strengthened with the reform. The Constitution of Colombia has several articles related to anti-corruption articles 23, 90,,, and and also to the right of citizens to organize freely.


A NO score is automatically earned if there is no domestic election monitoring agency.

If these mechanisms are exhausted, there are other judicial resources such nullity and reparation. In other words the answer requires the public official to give a solution on the issue sentence T of The direct and indirect political participation of paramilitary groups and the armed pressures of guerrillas especially the FARC, the biggest guerrilla group on candidates, reduced the transparency of elections and the liberty of candidates to run for office in the Congressional elections, and although decrdto situation seemed to improve during the local elections, evidence on limitations to run for office still exists.

In TV, as well as in radio, it is important to note two tendencies that can be contradictory. There are civil society organizations which are recognized nationally and can operate safely such as the Chapter of Transparency International, Confecamaras, Congreso Visible. According to a study conducted by the Media Observatory from the Universidad de la Sabana ina significant percentage of journalists 31 percent report that because of the fear of losing their job they have sometimes sacrificed professional criteria while managing information.

The opposition party has influence on the proceeding of the legislature, but it is limited in scope. Significant barriers for the organization and operation of trade unions exist, many of them related to security issues and threats derived from the armed conflict, and hspitalarios derived from labor practices.

Recent episodes have generated discussions residups whether it is ethical for journalists to buy privileged information, and whether it is ethical to use illegal actors such as guerrilla members as sources of information, making evident some resixuos and dilemmas that decretp when journalists report in conflict situations or times of crisis.

Even though the Colombian government does not impose censorship, journalists have to resort to self censorship when they are threatened by armed groups, drug traffickers, or corrupt politicians. In the case of Veedurias citizen oversight committees there are some legal contradictions regarding the exercise of oversight activities by legal decretl.

Groups with a history of violence or terrorism within last ten years may be banned. Appointments are often based on political considerations. Tiempo Real con Hollman Morris Fuente: Juez ordena arresto de Daniel Coronell Fuente: The lack of transparency in the definition of costs is also reflected in the definition of the price for the extension of the license for the two existing national TV stations.


Third, although legally there are many ways for civil society activists to participate, in many cases there is incomplete knowledge about the range of mechanisms that can be used reziduos this purpose. For the 17 homicides taking place inthree suspects have been detained. According hospitaladios the ITUC report, resoduos there was a 25 pecent increase in murders against union members compared towith 49 unionists murdered.

GESTIÓN DE RESIDUOS HOSPITALARIOS by Carlos Andres Ramirez Pacheco on Prezi

There are atypical elections scheduled due to extraordinary circumstances such as death or the deposition of the dignitary, or nullity of the election. In practice, there is no prior government restraint pre-publication censoring on publishing corruption-related stories. Records are uniformly available; there are no delays for politically sensitive information.

Individuals appointed often have conflicts of interest due to personal loyalties, family connections or other biases. Voting is not available to some demographics through some form of official or unofficial pressure. However, despite these advances in accessing general information, there are still many problems at decretk local level and in accessing sensitive information.

Even though there is no official governmental censorship, the concentration of media ownership favors biased coverage towards the government, since private mass media are owned by big economic groups which in turn are pro-government.

decreto 2676 de 2002 residuos hospitalarios pdf

In terms of transparency levels, according to Transparency for Colombia the Registraduria presents scores below the average of other national institutions in terms of visibility, sanctions, and institutional performance. There is no specific requirement for print media to disclose their ownership, and as there is no licensing requirement like in broadcast media, there decret no mechanism to publicize print media ownership.

During the study period, there were killings of civil society activists by members of armed groups mainly the FARC and members of demobilized decrsto groups reorganized into criminal bands and by members of the state armed forces.

They are usually stigmatized as members of these groups. The cost of access to information may vary between institutions at the national reisduos at the local level. A system of party lists may discourage or prevent independent candidates from running for office.

It also guarantees the right of rectification and prohibits censorship article