Face Mask. Ideal for dirt, dust, rain or cold. Easily adjusted with one hand. Highly breathable. Worn by cross country ski racers in extreme cold and runners in the. How to Wear Windproof BUFF® Multifunctional Headwear Crochet Hook, Size N 1 Skein Yarn (I used Vanna’s Choice) Scissors Yarn Needle Instructions. Buff® and the “How to wear Buff® headwear” icon symbols are registered trademark of Original Buff, SA Spain. All other trademarks are the property of their .

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Can instrucfions used to cover your ears if cold. Pull up the bottom seam over your mouth for added warmth. No more bad hair days!

Ways to Wear

This simple setup prevents sweat rolling down your forehead on hot summer expeditions. Just pull the Buff back and you’ve got a great look. Keeps your hair back and looks stylish. Do Rag Keeps your hair in place and covers your neck from sun rays. Check instructione the video at the bottom to see how to wear a Buff balaclava.


Use to wipe away sweat or wear it on your wrist just in case you might need to use it in any of the other ways listed above! Neck Warmer Pull it up to cover the chin and the back of the neck in cooler weather.

Keeps your head warm in winter. Wear it undeneath you bike helmet to wick away sweat. No knot to tie and easy to adjust. The tail at the back also protects the back of your neck from the sun. A Guide to the Basics. Also a good option if you have wet hair in cold conditions — the band will leave much of your hair free to dry whilst still providing some warmth to your head and ears.


Hair Band Simple to pull on. Head Scarf Just pull the Buff back and you’ve got a great look. Best Backpacking Tents in Your home on the trail. Easily adjusted with one hand.

Care Instructions

For ultimate head protection in winter conditions, rock the balaclava Buff. Great when out jogging to prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes. Best Backpacking Tents in Legionnaire Heaxwear the top of the head and the back of the neck. Hood Covers the whole instrructions the head protecting you from the chills of winter. How can one bit of material be so darn useful?


Fold it for a pro look, or scrunch up for casual wear. Cool of the Wild. Simply adjust the way you wear it on the go. Wristband Makes it easy to carry! Absorbs sweat and keeps you cool. Bandana No knot to tie and easy to adjust.

Scarf Wear it around your neck for casual wear or during sports – all year round. Protection from the sun, wind and cold. The moisture-wicking properties keep sweat under wraps, preventing the cooling of excess moisture and thus lowering the chances of losing body heat.

Covers the top of the head and the back of the neck. Excellent way to wear underneath a motorbike helmet.