Internet Archive BookReader. Asrar E Khudi By Allama Muhammad Iqbal Urdu Translation The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled . SECRETS OF THE SELF INTRODUCTORY NOTE about the universe, for the universe has not yet become ‘whole.’ The process of creation is still BY IQBAL. (Asrar-e-KhudiBook-Complete) Dua. An Invocation. O thou that art as the soul in the body of the universe, Thou art our soul and thou art ever fleeing from us.

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Indeed, it is the very goal for which God has created the human being in the first place; it is the telos for the entire evolutionary process—not only of life in the narrow sense of the word but of the entire cosmos. Specifically, they both become even more uniquely themselves. The more we love and fail, the better will be our chances of finding the beloved who is worthy of our love, one who does not disappoint.

Among the three Western monotheisms, Islam certainly has the most to say about the continuity of human existence after death. All efforts at finding that one perfect beloved must end in disappointment and disillusionment; unless, of course, we are able to figure out exactly who it is that we truly need to love.

The only thing that can potentially harmonize the normally opposing and conflicting forces of personality is their agreement to love a single ideal.


Only few individuals are able to transcend this state of inner discord at any given time; most of us, on the other hand, tend to be imbalanced or asymmetrical in most areas of our lives. Add to this the ij ingredient of a common goal—a single piece of music plus a conductor—and the result could be a highly moving performance by what is now an orchestra. I am going to place in the earth a vicegerent.

But if khudi is real, and if we can strengthen its integrity by undertaking ufdu actions, then we can at least hope to attain everlasting life. In his life thought and action, instinct and reason become one.

Iqbal Cyber Library: De Khudi Asrar: Mathnavi Asrar-e-Khudi

Who is this khalifah kjudi, this fullest manifestation of the highest of human potentialities? He is the real ruler of mankind; his kingdom is the kingdom of God on earth. The implications of this single word, khalifahare immense and far-ranging.


Do it for your own sake. The beloved that all of us are programmed to seek is a reflection of our own self, or, to be accurate, we are a reflection of the beloved that we are seeking to absorb. This scenario may be imagined as a simple equation, i. Even quality number 1 seems like another way of expressing the same idea.

Disharmony arar gives birth to disharmony without; and disharmony without precludes or obstructs our attempts to progress towards achieving a state of harmony within. According to him, the sole purpose of ethics should be the training and education of khudi. A living heart is always restless, even in the grave.

It is the finite ego that is desperately seeking the infinite ego, for nothing else would satisfy its yearning for a beloved. As both individuals and communities, we must guard ourselves against intellectual laziness; we must never relax or suspend our capacities for d observation, disciplined reasoning, and critical thought.

Love individualises the lover as well as the beloved.

Once humanity actually becomes what it has always meant to be—divine vicegerent—then there will remain no real difference between human will and divine will. There are, of course, degrees of vicegerency, which means that the doors of progress are always open, even for vicegerents.

khjdi This brings us back to what Iqbal said earlier in the same text, i. Aigoual mountain, Cevennes, South of Asdar B. While Iqbal tends to talk about that ideal personality as if it were a single male individual, this is most likely a rhetorical device to emphasize the unique individuality of the ideal human being.

In the third stage, the lover succeed in actually assimilating the idealized value within themselves. What does this mean for the evolution of personality?

Asrar-e-Khudi Farsi Ashaar Ka Manzoom Tarjuma ebooks by Allama Iqbal | Rekhta

I will attempt to understand these characteristics in my next post. Thus the Kingdom of God on earth means the democracy of more or less unique individuals, presided over by the most unique individual possible on this earth. Obstacles, problems, and frustrations are part of this educational process. For instance, I have become much more aware of the significance of believing in an afterlife. The lesson of assimilative action is given by the life of the Prophet, ursu least to a Muhammadan.


Iqbal does not believe that his message is intended only for Muslims, or that his teachings have no relevance or application for those born outside of the Islamic faith.

Thus, in order to fortify the Ego we should cultivate udru, i. Every time a new difficulty arises, one can be sure that the class is in session!

For Iqbal, the path of self-growth begins as soon as khdi submit oneself to the discipline of the divine law. The attainment of divine vicegerency is exactly why we are here; it is the meaning of khudo.

Sometimes it is the death of the body that brings life to the spirit. While it is true that as a species humanity has not yet reached that exalted stage of spiritual evolution, it is also true there have been many persons in history who did achieve that status at an individual level. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Beyond the valley of self-control is the mountain of vicegerency; or, to use another metaphor, the promised land of vicegerency.

This disharmony exists within each individual, and so it inevitably manifests in social life as well. The highest power is united in him with the highest knowledge. Finally, Iqbal turns to practical ethics. In the second stage, the lover ardently desire and actively seek the beloved, i.

The beloved is usually an idealized value, such as beauty, power, generosity, and life; or it may be a person, in whom the desired value is perceived to be present to such an extent that the difference between the essence and the attribute becomes irrelevant for the lover.

Heartbreaks are good for the soulbecause they are like the rungs of a ladder.