SPECIAL RULES: Iron Hard Skin: Angron’s flesh has become unnaturally resilient to damage. He has a 2+ armor save in addition to his Invulnerable. Save. Angron – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. emperor-of Uploaded by. Jorge Barios. This entry is originally from a Apocalypse Datasheet published in for a primach (albeit a demon one), Angron will be the basis of all future.

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But with his mandatory bloodthirster bodyguard he can even kill An’ggrath, the biggest and baddest bloodthirster of them all. I want to use this guy in an Apoc game. The Imperium responded dtaasheet kind, sending in one hundred Grey Knight Terminatorsand all but ten of them died fighting Angron and his Bloodthirster posse and only because their prodigy Librarian Hyperion managed to shatter his sword, and he STILL managed to murder their leader with just his bare fists.

Also it should be noted that Fulgrim has been free of that painting for a while now, but otherwise he still fits in the above category. If you look at the two pages, you can tell it is fan made superimposed on top of this blank sheet. He costs so many relic points in an army that consumes them like candy that, if you can spare the points and time to conjure him, chances are you’re already winning so badly you don’t actually need him.

While some might argue that datsheet could have at least tried to removed the Butcher’s Nails, keep in mind that all attempts datashfet removing them from regular Space Marines datasheeh to their messy deaths. This could get very interesting do you not think? Where is this, datawheet not in my issue as far as i can see, i get it delivered, so unless it came this morning miss postman as i start earlyis it in the issue with the 40k rulebook hamamer on the front, or is this a new one??


The Word Bearers were nearly driven to despair by the World Eaters’ degradation, and Lorgar began to worry that Angron couldn’t see how he was degenerating – and there was only one way that could end. Yet, surprisingly, Angron did not press his attack either and both Primarchs separated and went their own way. Ka’Bandha isn’t exactly a horde of Bloodthirsters, and sanguinas greatest achievement was breaking that one Bloodthirsters back over his knee before retreating back to the safety on the Inside of the eternity gate, not to mention this is wngron same one that earlier broke his legs.

Seem super off topic to complain about epistemology on a thread about tactics. Later on, he showed up with an even bigger force to attack Armageddon. Too bad you’ll almost never use angrob. Angron just generally being a boss and looking absolutely goddamn awesome while doing so. They fear my mean, gritting teeth! Then Horus comes across the lone grot, somehow managing to datwsheet the Emperor, and punts it into space. Ku’Gath Scabeiathrax Ulkair Rotigus.

Instead of sitting around being a painting on some Chaos God’s wallsitting around while being a rotting fatass and feeling sorry for themselvessitting ajgron and yelling just as planned anytime anything happenssitting around and preaching constantlybeing Maybe deador being missing ; Angron actually gets shit done and boy howdy when he rages his way out of the eye of terror he makes sure that everyone knows about it Anyway, Kharn was successful, and Angron renamed his legion World Eatersa name you might recognize translates to fucking savage in the common tongue.


He was much handier on Isstvan V, wreaking all sorts of carnage in the Dropsite Massacre. In more seriousness, this is one of the cases where Russ really, genuinely wanted to help datsheet of his brothers, having had his own bouts with irresistible murderous intent to deal with.


Then IWND take it down to 0. No I’m talking about this.

Angron datasheet

angroon The irony is Angron was right all along about Emperor being a dick, as Roboute realized on Terra ten thousand years later. Between his fragility, low mobility, and lack of army bonuses, he’s a tricky Primarch to use. Angron VS Perturabo Perturabo hits 2 times, dataheet 1.

Can Vegeta say what his power level is? Angron does marginally more damage if Fulgrim doesn’t chose Child of Fatasheet as his Warlord Trait but is frailer the irony! The liber apocolypta in the new WD contains 3 datasheets Blood Angels Thunderhawk Assault Force, Angron and Ork Submersibles and guidelines for what units to use in Apocolypse games set in each of the 3 wars of Amageddon.

Did that make you mad? If you are already a member then feel free to login now. Only artwork, not a model same kinda thing as the stompas. Angron, Mortarion, Magnus, Fulgrim. Fulgrim Angron Mortarion Magnus Are there any others?

Angron – 1d4chan

I guess this signals a host of ideas for minis. Daemon Primarch Angron Datasheet.

Last edited by Mawa; at Angron is hitting on 5s, so hits 2 times, wounds 1. He’s got good reason to be ever-so-slightly miffed: The arrival of Guilliman’s forces delayed its inevitable doom for a little while, and Angron had an epic showdown with Roboute Guilliman when he helped Lorgar fighting abgron boy blue. Otherwise it will be unbalance or unfairly for the ‘good’ guyz.